Virtual Doorstep: Happy New Year Edition

It is said that elections are won on the doorstep, and that may well be true. Being armchair activists, it’s difficult to check up on that.
Twitter and blogs however are part of our social media present and future, and if the election was decided there, how would each of the wards be looking?

1. Chatham Central (current: 3 Labour)

Labour – Siju Adeoye / Harinder Mahil / Vince Maple

2. Cuxton and Halling (current: 1 Conservative)

Conservative – Matt Fearn

3. Gillingham North (current: 3 Labour)

Conservative – Faisal Ahmed / Cartel Cheema / Ian Hookway
Labour – Pat Cooper / Adam Price / Andy Stamp

4. Gillingham South (current: 3 Labour)

Labour – Clive Johnson / Naushabah Khan / Dan McDonald

5. Hempstead and Wigmore (current: 2 Conservative)

6. Lordswood and Capstone (current: 2 Conservative)

Conservative – Alan Jarrett / David Wildey

7. Luton and Wayfield (current: 1 Labour, 1 Conservative, 1 Independent)

Conservative – Michael Franklin / Ade Kosoko / Robbie Lammas
Labour – Simon Curry / Jo Howcroft-Scott / Tristan Osborne

8. Peninsula (current: 1 UKIP, 1 Conservative, 1 Independent)

Conservative – Phil Filmer / Harold Ogunfemi / Gloria Thienel
Green – Clive Gregory
Independent – Mick Pendergast
UKIP – Roy Freshwater

9. Princes Park (current: 2 Conservative)

Conservative – Tashi Bhutia / Gloria Opara
Labour – Rav Jassal

10. Rainham Central (current: 3 Conservative)

11. Rainham North (current: 2 Conservative)

12. Rainham South (current: 3 Conservative)

Labour – Dave Carman / Alex Chatfield / Eddie Peake

13. River (current: 2 Conservative)

Labour – Lia Mandaracas / Tony Scudder
Liberal Democrat – John Castle / Alan Wells

14. Rochester East (current: 2 Labour)

Labour – Nick Bowler / Teresa Murray

15. Rochester South and Horsted (current: 3 Conservative)

Conservative – Trevor Clarke

16. Rochester West (current: 1 Conservative, 1 Labour)

Conservative – Rebecca Ryan / Stuart Tranter
Labour – Alex Paterson / Elaine Thomas

17. Strood North (current: 3 Conservative)

Conservative – Jane Chitty / Steve Iles / Fatima Mitchell
Labour – James Braithwaite / Stephen Hubbard / Zoe Van Dyke

18. Strood Rural (current: 3 Conservative)

19. Strood South (current: 3 Conservative)

Labour – Anthony Hill / Isaac Igwe

20. Twydall (current: 2 Labour, 1 Independent)

Conservative – Jim Gilbourne / Natalie Jarvis / Mark Joy
Labour – Hazel Browne / John Lloyd / Mark Prenter

21. Walderslade (current: 2 Conservative)

Conservative – David Brake / Adrian Gulvin

22. Watling (current: 2 Conservative)

Conservative – Wendy Purdy / Asha Saroy
Labour – Jordan Hartley / Chrissy Stamp
Liberal Democrat – Martin Rose

Have you seen any of the lesser spotted candidate online?
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