The Week in Westminster, 23 Feb

In which none of the Medway MPs resigned the whip and joined The Independent Group.

Tracey in the News

A minister who quit over delay of problem gambling plan gets a job with firm that promotes gambling

Tracey’s Contributions

Things Tracey Said

Kelly in the News

Kelly’s Contributions

To The Commons Chamber

Through our industrial strategy, we committed to boosting productivity and increasing earning power across the country. The way in which people work is changing, thanks to new technology and new employment models. We need to ensure that the labour market continues to work for everyone.

On Terms and Conditions of Employment

Things Kelly said

Rehman in the News

Rehman’s Contributions

To The Commons Chamber

Having previously successfully pushed the Government to accept the correct terminology, Daesh, to defeat the idea, the ideology and the appeal which is sucking in hundreds of individuals from the UK to ​Syria and Iraq to fight for this poisoned ideology and entity, may I ask the Home Secretary the following?

On Deprivation of Citizenship Status

Things Rehman said

What are your thoughts about Medway’s MPs and their performance in Parliament?
Is Kelly right that the way people work is changing?
Was Tracey right to get a job with a company that’s promoted gambling?
Does Rehman have your support in his disagreement with the Home Secretary? 
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One Reply to “The Week in Westminster, 23 Feb”

  1. I think Reham has got his Lawyers cap on , when he disagrees with home secretary’s stance on removing British citizenship. Our Kelly is right to say the world of work is changing, thanks to her party we now have to work longer harder for less.we can no longer retire at 65 and we can’t afford to. Tracey clearly took a gamble on 888 and won ,nice pay if you can get it.

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