The Week in Westminster, 12 Jan

Tracey Crouch, Kelly Tolhurst and Rehman Chishti all voted.

Tracey Crouch, Kelly Tolhurst and Rehman Chishti all voted.

Tracey in the News

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Things Tracey Said

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To The Commons Chamber

On Pubs Code

We will be undertaking a statutory review of the effectiveness of the pubs code and the Pubs Code Adjudicator. I welcome the recent publication by the adjudicator of arbitration decisions, which will increase transparency in relation to how the code is working in practice.

On Topical Questions

It is right that the FRC refers any concerns it has relating to the insolvency case to the ICAEW, which is a recognised professional body that regulates insolvency practitioners.

To Westminster Hall

On Crown Post Office: Franchising

I understand the valuable role of the post office for me and for my constituents. Post offices play a vital role at the heart of our communities and are an essential part of our villages, towns and ​cities, so the future direction of the Post Office is important not only to the Government, but to all our constituencies.

To The General Committees

On Draft Statutory Auditors and Third Country Auditors (Amendment) (EU Exit) regulations 2018

The regulations aim to address the failure of retained EU law to operate effectively, as well as other deficiencies in the field of audit arising from the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. They do not implement any new policy.

Things Kelly said

Rehman in the News

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To the Commons Chamber

On Migrant Crossings

I very much welcome the two additional cutters, which are coming from Gibraltar and Greece. When will they arrive and do what they need to do? Will their place be taken by our international counterparts? They, too, have a responsibility to ensure that those who would come in from north Africa and the Gulf are deterred from doing so in the first place.

Things Rehman said

What are your thoughts about Medway’s MPs and their performance in Parliament?
Is Kelly right that that the FRC refers any concerns it has relating to the insolvency case to the ICAEW?
Was Tracey right to vote against preventing Government implementing a no deal without Parliamentary consent?
Does Rehman make a good point about the migrant caravan.. er, we mean the migrant channel crossings? 
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