iFAQ: So, farewell then, MEPs

With the UK now officially Brexited, and a golden new age of milk and honey upon, we decided to ponder the poor souls suffering most in this process: that’s right, our beloved MEPs. As such, we wrote to each of our region’s MEPs to ask them if they had any parting words for the voters of Medway as they exit their roles.

As usual, we told all of them that we would publish their responses unedited. You can find them below in the order they were received.

Do you have any final words for the voters of Medway as the UK departs the EU?

I am completely devastated that our country has now left the EU.
But I’m not just devastated to be losing the job of a lifetime, representing the people of the South East of England, I’m devastated that the protections that so many of us have worked hard to preserve, that so many people enjoy, are about to be ripped away.
And as the Government steers our country ever closer to a No Deal outcome, I’m going to be campaigning harder than ever so that we maintain as much alignment with EU policy as possible.
Alexandra Phillips, Green Party

We received no response to this request from Catherine Bearder (Lib Dem), Judith Bunting (Lib Dem), Nigel Farage (Brexit Party), Daniel Hannan (Conservative), Anthony Hook (Lib Dem), John Howarth (Labour), Belinda Lucy (Brexit Party), Alexandra Phillips (Brexit Party), and Robert Rowland (Brexit Party).

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