Euro Elections Virtual Doorstep: Just because!

It is said that elections are won on the doorstep, and that may well be true. Being armchair activists, it’s difficult to check up on that.
Twitter and blogs however are part of our social media present and future, and if the election was decided there, how would each of the wards be looking?

UKIP (10 candidates)

Conservatives (10 candidates)

Labour (10 candidates)

Green (10 candidates)

Liberal Democrat (10 candidates)

Change UK (10 candidates)

Brexit Party (10 candidates)

Socialist (10 candidates)

UK European Union Party (2 CANDIDATES)

Independents (3 CANDIDATES)

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One Reply to “Euro Elections Virtual Doorstep: Just because!”

  1. Ok so one sitting Lib Dem MEP where is the other nine mentioned ? People of Medway need to know. Polling day is approaching fast . Brand new parties already have leaflets coming through my door where is the Liberal Democrat response . WAKE UP ITS ELECTION TIME !

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