Conservative councillor investigated by police

Stuart Tranter
Cllr Stuart Tranter

Rochester West councillor Stuart Tranter is facing a police investigation following a confrontation over a parking space.

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon outside Kings School in Rochester.

It is alleged that Cllr Tranter confronted a woman collecting her children from the school. Kent Online have published accounts from both the woman involved and Cllr Tranter.

Cllr Tranter admits that a confrontation took place, but claims that the woman had parked her car in a way that caused an obstruction. The woman involved claims she was parked in a legitimate space, and doesn’t understand why Cllr Tranter approached her.

We understand that the matter has been reported to police by the woman as a potential hate crime incident over some of the language that is alleged to have been used.

A complaint has also been made to Medway Council over Cllr Tranter’s alleged behaviour.

Updated 3pm: A user on Facebook who claims to have witnessed the event has accused Cllr Tranter of making racist comments during the altercation, and also claims that video footage of the incident exists.

Updated 9pm: The Daily Mail (!) have reported that Kent Police are investigating this as “a racially motivated incident”.

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