A Comprehensive Internet Guide to ‘Medway Brexit’

Medway Council’s ruling Conservative Cabinet have rejected calls to investigate the effect of Brexit on The Medway Towns.
So Keevil set out to find answers, bestowed with the knowledge that everything is available online, including knowledge. Keevil went armed with a search engine and the words ‘Medway Brexit’.
We present to you almost everything we found in all it’s visual (and helpful?) glory.

Because nothing changes council strategy.
As he can continue to live in their basement.
Said the crowing Jarrett about the anti-Medway Maple.
Even multiverse theory doesn’t cover a council contingency plan for Brexit.
And so will abstain on the final Brexit deal vote.
Link to PDF 
Least surprising crime update. Ever.

A selection of screenshots of a University paper on anti-migrant sentiment in south-east England.

Always good to channel Donald Rumsfeld.
In the multiverse there is at least 1 Chief Executive who is an actual headless chicken.
This is literally the whole post.
Supporting Documents
How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal
Sadly this deadline has now passed.
Accurate as of time of publication

Seemingly like Medway Council, it is not the place of this impartial humble Medway Politics blog to say which, if any, Brexit is right or wrong. It’s wrong. And if it will even happen.
It was the will of the people, and you are the people, so if you will then leave a comment, a Facebook post or a tweet.

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