The Week in Westminster, 8 Dec “Brexit Debate Special”

This week the government lost three votes in the House of Commons;
MPs backed calls to have a direct say in the final deal, called for the government to publish the full legal advice regarding the Brexit Deal, and historically the Government was found in contempt of parliament. 

With 2 of Medway’s 3 MPs having recently quit the Government and declared they could not support the PM’s deal, how did they vote?

All three MPs voted with the Government. 

So what did they do the rest of the week?

Tracey in the News 

Tracey’s Contributions

Following 3 days of Brexit debate.

Things Tracey Said about Brexit

Kelly in the News

Kelly’s Contributions

To the Delegated Legislation Committee

On Draft Package Travel And Linked Travel Arrangements (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018

They form part of the wider programme of work to adjust our legislative framework in readiness for leaving the European Union.

On Draft Competition (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

Should we leave the EU without an agreement in place, this SI would minimise litigation risk for the Competition and Markets Authority and provide legal clarity and certainty for businesses and consumers.

Things Kelly said about Brexit

Rehman in the News

Rehman’s Contributions

After 3 days of Brexit debate.

Things Rehman said about Brexit

What are your thoughts about Medway’s MPs and their performance in Parliament?
Is Kelly right on Brexit?
Was Tracey right on Brexit?
Does Rehman right on Brexit? 
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