The Week in Westminster, 26 Jan

In which we take a look at what Medway’s three MPs have been up to in Parliament this week..

Tracey in the News

MP Tracey Crouch says Julian Clary was ‘out of order’ for criticism of Chatham

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Things Tracey Said

Kelly in the News

Kelly’s Contributions

To Westminster Hall

Executive salaries and pay ratios are undeniably high. Currently, the ratio of the pay of the average FTSE 100 chief executive officer to that of the average UK employee is around 160:1

On FTSE 100 Company Pay Ratios

To General Committees

The reciprocal arrangements set out in that EU law require enforcers to act on requests from their counterparts in other EU member states.

Draft Consumer Protection (Enforcement) (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018

Cross-border insolvency is an area in which, as legal and insolvency professionals in the private sector have rightly and firmly pointed out, the EU system is greatly beneficial.

Draft Insolvency (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018

Via Written Contributions

In the “Good Work Plan” we set out an ambition that all work should be fair and decent. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination has absolutely no place in that ambition. It is unlawful.

Supporting New Parents in Work

Things Kelly said

Rehman in the News

Rehman’s Contributions

Things Rehman said

What are your thoughts about Medway’s MPs and their performance in Parliament?
Is Kelly right that the EU system is beneficial?
Was Tracey out of order for criticising Julian Clary and saying he was out of order criticising Chatham?
Does Rehman #DoTheRightThing for you? 
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