RePost: Defence Against The Dark Arts

(This post was originally written in 2011 – Keevil)



Confession: I spoke to a Tory, and I liked it. In the moment we seemed to get along, they were friendly, funny, and I was so glad that they took time time to speak to me, a lowly prol.

And the confusing thing for me in dealing with this is that;

Conservatives are evil.

(Saying quite possibly evil doesn’t seem nearly as provocative!)

And a conversation with a Tory is akin to talking to Kaa in Jungle Book.

Now I don’t mean this to be offensive. No, really I don’t. Individually Tories are, as I mentioned, friendly. They can be caring and passionate. And the people that vote Tory are certainly not evil.

Except for any that you know who maybe are.

Wait. What do we even mean by evil?

Online Dictionary Definition: morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked

They have an incredible way to stick fast to what they believe, to phrase points and use information as if their answer was the only possible answer, in a way that Labour can only dream. Well, with the exception of ‘The Big Society’ which it seems can’t be got across at all. Well in any way other than, we want to cut everything and then expect you to do it for free Like the ‘well-unfair’ state.

A former Conservative Councillor in Medway (2015 interjection: link no longer online) in a recent blog about the local Love Music Hate Racism event wrote:

“It would be good to have a genuinely valuable topic for such events one day, such as “Love Music, Hate Mass-Murder” – but that wouldn’t be comfortable for Lefties, who collectively the world over encompass virtually all those who have committed deliberate mass-murder down the years. Still, at least it would have some real signifiance rather than mere tokenism. It’s a thought!

Its an interesting quote in that it makes you stop and go ‘WHAT?’, I find it so hard to respond to. I feel my brain shutting down trying to find a suitable response, a polite response. I just stare at it.

Lefties, who collectively the world over encompass virtually all those who have committed deliberate mass-murder.

Can somebody commit accidental mass-murder? is the best response I have so far come up with, and that’s just rubbish.

It’s a bit like the oft used Basil Fawlty line about “don’t mention the war”. As long as we stay off certain topics then everything will be okay.

I find this continually confusing, how can a Party with Boris Johnson be all bad? Once a contender for great living Englishman. Based on Hair, cycling and a spectacular performance presenting HIGNFY.

(2015 interjection: This sentence was written before Boris Island and before this)


I worry that we are not given enough training in the defence against these dark arts. It’s dangerous to dismiss them, they are after all are in power locally and nationally. Somebody – a lot of somebodies – have voted for them.

And it seems the power of rational thought might not be strong enough to save me from them.

(2015 addition)