Saying no to saying no to a no deal

What are your thoughts about Medway’s MPs voting against delaying Brexit?
Is Kelly right?
Was Tracey right?
Has Rehman done the right thing?
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4 Replies to “Saying no to saying no to a no deal”

  1. It should be obvious by now that we can’t achieve a deal that would work for the whole UK, and that would protect us from a predatory trade deal with Trump’s US. Out on our own, we are at the mercy of the other real power in the world: global big business. We need more time so that we can all be consulted on the best way forward for our society – it seems the only way to bring that about is a people’s vote. This would be first vote on the EU where we are all fully informed on the possibilities and difficulties of walking away. (We’ve already had two in/out referendums – I voted in 1975!).
    There are two million young voters who weren’t old enough to have their say in 2016. They should have a voice now – it will affect their lives more than mine!

  2. Still part of the “Tory Vichy Remainer Appeasement Party” though. Rehman did not deliver one leaflet or lift one finger in campaigning for Brexit during the Referendum. He waited until very late in the campaign to throw his towel in for Brexit or, rather, to see which way the wind blew or, as he said to me, he was waiting to hear what his electorate had to say; although any one with their ear to the ground knew weeks before.

    Only one senior Tory campaigned for Brexit from the Gillingham and Rainham Conservative Association and, so far as I am aware, not one Conservative Councillor from Medway Council. They have let their party and Remainer May trash Brexit.

    I should know as I was Referendum Agent for UKIP for Medway; I ran the Referendum Campaign for Vote Leave from my home for the Gillingham & Rainham and the Chatham & Aylesford Parliamentary Constituencies. I was the Leave EU, Vote Leave and Grassroots Out (GO) co-ordinator for the local area. UKIP ran the ground campaign here, under my Leadership. Until last week, I was the UKIP Branch Chairman for Gillingham & Rainham, but resigned from the party due to its continued association with Tommy Robinson.

    By the way, I do not like being labelled “far right” on the Political Medway, which didn’t help. My grandfather was murdered by the Nazis and Fascists in front of my then 13 year old father in Italy in 1943 during the Second World War.

    I am now standing in the local elections, in Rainham Central, as a pro-Brexit, pro-democracy, independent candidate and on local issues.

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