Recap: #MedwayDebates19

Last night, The Political Medway held our first live event, a debate between the future leaders of Medway Council as we approach the local elections. We were delighted to have Cllr Jarrett of Medway Conservatives and Cllr Maple from Medway Labour both came and set out their vision for Medway in front of an audience of approximately 200 people at Midkent College.

If you couldn’t make it along, you can catch up on all of the action from the evening below through medium of tweets:

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  1. Last night was interesting but I hope you will ask your chairman to control the meeting rather than someone from the edge of the hall. My real complaint is the with out live questioning the two got of light leaving them able to avoid certain question not covered by the pre posted questions. Debate was thusly not free flowing. Had I understood this was the Labour/Tory party only, I would have spent my time knocking on doors. The idea that only two parties should be represented because they could only hold power did not consider how the minor parties would react should Medway be a hung Council. We were left to assume that only these two gentlemen would affect the future of Medway, that of course may not be so. They may just have to work with others. Others who were not granted democratic equality to speak or even comment.

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