Once more unto the breach

We started this site in the run to the 2015 General and Local Elections as a way to help us and others understand a bit more about how politics works at a local level. It was originally intended to be a short run project through those elections, but we enjoyed the process enough that we stuck with it and thus The Political Medway was born.

We assumed at that point that things would be fairly quiet after that, with no more elections that anyone cared about scheduled in Medway until the next round of locals in 2019.

Dear reader, things have not been quiet.

In 2016, we had to deal with the EU membership referendum and it’s fallout, as well as two local council by-elections.

Surely 2017 would give the Medway electorate a break?

Of course it wouldn’t, and we’ll all be voting in a General Election on June 8.

Unfortunately, both of us that man this site have been a tad busy of late, so we’re a little late in getting our coverage underway, but such is life. We’re publishing the full candidate lists for all three seats tomorrow, and in the coming weeks will have some hustings coverage, some questions for our esteemed candidates, and all being well (translation: Medway Council letting us in) our election night count live coverage.

Additionally, and probably more importantly, a lot of the day to day coverage that doesn’t warrant an entire post lives entirely on Twitter @MedwayPolitics.

So dear reader, join us as we once again head unto the Medway electoral breach.

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  1. I will most definitely be joining you for your comments and coverage, even if I don’t always reply – I always follow. Btw, I received a Lib Dem leaflet last Friday via the general post and my daughter was sent a Tory leaflet by hand through the door. Since she doesn’t live with me or has any intention of voting (age 23 and cynical), I put it straight in the recycling. My son has just turned 18 and can vote for the first time. He may vote Green as he’s vegan but, again, he does not feel connected politically. The youth of today, eh? Maybe they are both fed up hearing my husband and I argue policies over the years….Anyway, I do appreciate your work and time. Please continue!

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