#MedwayElects19: General Election edition is today!

It is General Election day across the country, but most importantly for us, here in Medway.

Across the authority, voters have the chance to elect the three MPs that will represent us in Parliament for the next five four three two however many years until we do this again.

Polling stations are now open and remain open until 10pm.

If you have received your polling card, you will know where you need to go to vote. If you are registered to vote but have not received your card, you do not need it to vote. Just go to your polling station, confirm your name and address, and you will be allowed to vote. No ID is required.

If you do not know the location of your polling station, you can call Medway Council on 01634 332030 and they will tell you where to go.

If you have a postal vote, but did not remember to return it in time, you can drop it in to your polling station up until polls close at 10pm.

You may find people outside of your polling station who ask to see your polling card. These people are activists for political parties and you absolutely do not have to engage with them.

To find a list of your candidates, Medway Elects have a handy tool where you enter your postcode and it brings up their details.

Once the polls close at 10pm, we will begin our #MedwayElects19 coverage through the night as the results come in, so be sure to check back later for that.

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