Left Disunity


Left Unity was formed in 2013, after Ken Loach’s “Spirit of 45” documentary and a call for a new voice of the left.

‘Labour is part of the problem, not the solution’
Ken Loach

The Labour left has all but disappeared, being left of the Conservatives or UKIP isn’t the same as being on the Left, and sadly Tony Benn has passed away.

‘Viewing the Greens many admirable policies, but lack analysis for fundamental change.
Calling for a new party, democratic, principled and properly organised.’ Ken Loach

Medway Left Unity was formed soon after. Keevil did not go to the launch, but Jennings did and reached the conclusion that it probably wasn’t for him when someone declared that they wanted to “kill the fucking Tories” to the approval of many in the room.

Medway Left Unity is listed on Left Unity’s website of local branches, yet when Left Unity launched there 2015 manifesto, from a squat in Soho, Medway’s Left Unity were silent.

Since we launched this blog we have repeatedly requested comment from Medway Left Unity, in the beginning were informed of MLU’s GE2015 intentions, and then asked not to publish and we would receive official word.

And we never did.

Left Unity, the new voice of the left, democratic, principled and properly organised is not standing parliamentary candidates in Medway in 2015.

To no fanfare and little notice they decided and much later announced that they would instead be supporting TUSC candidates.

We contacted MLU for confirmation and received no reply.

So all things considered, what’s left for what’s left?

– Is this the Labour left? (The guy in the background)

– Joining MLU and support TUSC who have taken aim at Medway Greens, their former anti-cuts comrades, over Brighton Greens implementing council cuts, showing that TUSC are the only anti-austerity party to seemingly no response from the Greens?

– Or join the party of the NHS, and no tax on minimum wage, that sounds left?

Are watermelon’s the political Jabberwocky?


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  1. Sorry I missed this article. Work has been manic!
    I actually like the Watermelon comparison, Outwardly Green, inwardly Red….and also very sweet! 😉

    As a fairly new Green member I think we are fairly socialist, but also modern and visionary. We also denounce violence so we are not militant, more peaceful activists.

    From left to right I’d say the main parties are positioned thus:-

    TUSC, Greens, Lib Dem, Labour, Tories, UKIP.

    I do think that the left is extremely weak and have been since Blair shifted Labour to the right. This created a very unhealthy imbalance and lead us to the grotesque levels of inequality we see today.

    We need Labour to re-calibrate and win back the hearts of the working class. Until then I think the Greens and TUSC have an essential role to play in balancing up the political spectrum.

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