iFAQ: The benefits of a no deal Brexit

Yes, we’re all sick of Brexit. But as we hurtle closer to October 31 and a potential no deal, the potential consequences of that are facing us down. All three Medway MPs have endorsed the Prime Minister’s position of embracing no deal if necessary, and a number of Medway Conservative councillors have also expressed support. As such, for our iFAQ this week, we started by asking our three MPs a simple question:

What are the benefits to Medway residents of a no deal Brexit?

As usual, we told all of them that we would publish their responses unedited. You can find them below in the order they were received:

We received no response to this question from Rehman Chishti MP, Tracey Crouch MP, or Kelly Tolhurst MP.

Undeterred, we decided to ask every Medway Conservatives councillor the same question. With over 30 of them, we’d be sure to yield a better response there. All responses are below in the order they were received:

We received no response to this question from Cllr Ahmed, Cllr Aldous, Cllr Barrett, Cllr Bhutia, Cllr Brake, Cllr Buckwell, Cllr Carr, Cllr D Chambers, Cllr R Chambers, Cllr Chitty, Cllr Clarke, Cllr Doe, Cllr Etheridge, Cllr Fearn, Cllr Filmer, Cllr Griffin, Cllr Gulvin, Cllr Hackwell, Cllr J Iles, Cllr S Iles, Cllr Jarrett, Cllr Kemp, Cllr Opara, Cllr Potter, Cllr Purdy, Cllr Tejan, Cllr Thompson, Cllr Thorne, Cllr Tranter, Cllr E Turpin, Cllr R Turpin, Cllr Wildey, or Cllr Williams.

2 Replies to “iFAQ: The benefits of a no deal Brexit”

  1. No different to 2015/16 here in medway , it was medway ukip who as you would expect that got behind the campaign to leave, and especially grassroots out the all party non partisan grouping . Rehman Chisti was listed as a supporter but i can 100% confirm did not physically help us out , we more than once stalled out in rainham and he made no effort to help us out and i know that mark (chairman)ukip gillingham ,rainham emailed him because we were looking for his support ,.Once Vote Leave were nominated as the lead group, we then saw some assistance from the young torys and some of there membership .

  2. Tania Jackson
    The Brexit Party prospective parliamentary candidate for
    Gillingham and Rainham

    The people of Medway voted to leave the EU by 64%
    Every ward in Gillingham and Rainham voted to leave.
    The delay to implementing the result is an outrage to the electorate.
    A clean break Brexit is the only viable option on the table. A tweaked version of May‘s deal is the worst of all worlds. It ties us into the EU for an unspecified time with no option to leave without their consent.
    This is not what the people of Gillingham and Medway voted for.
    The damage done by not honouring the result of the referendum will be catastrophic to our democracy. Society without democracy is what we are witnessing the beginning of. There is complete paralysis of government, unrepresentative parliament, arguments about whether the prime minister should obey the law! What is more pernicious than anything is the disillusionment of the electorate who see their vote become meaningless. This has led to apathy or anger.
    Medway, along with the rest of the country, will move forward with a clean break Brexit. People will realise that their vote really does count and the engagement we saw with the referendum will continue.
    Stopping free movement of labour will, over time, increase the work opportunities for local people. Wages will continue to rise as they have been since the vote, despite all the project fear forecasts.
    I would like to see a Brexit Party government so we can put the money earmarked for the EU( £39 billion extra available with a clean break Brexit), HS2 and half the foreign aid budget into infrastructure outside of London and to help our high streets by cutting business tax on new businesses. We have three Universities in Medway and the Brexit Party would stop the interest on the student loans.

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