iFAQ: So, farewell then, Rehman Chishti

Following nine years of being both the MP for Gillingham and Rainham and a councillor for Rainham Central, Rehman Chishti has finally decided to stand down from his councillor role at the upcoming elections. As such, we decided to ask all other sitting Medway councillors the following question:

With Rehman Chishti standing down as a councillor for Rainham Central, what do you feel has been his biggest contribution to Medway Council?

As usual, we told all councillors that we would present their answers entirely unedited. They are published below in the order they were received:

Absolutely nothing.
Cllr Dorte Gilry, Labour, Twydall

Rehman is an incredibly hard working MP and councillor, and often made lively and eloquent contributions to council debates. He has been a strong supporter of the administration and speaking on behalf of the council in Medway and beyond. But as his work load as MP has inevitably grown it makes sense that he should concentrate more on that going forward.
Cllr Stuart Tranter, Conservative, Rochester West

Cllr Clive Johnson, Labour, Gillingham South

We received no response from the 50 other councillors we asked to comment on Rehman’s contribution to Medway politics.

Still, we’ll always have the cat photos.


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  1. As an M.P. I am surprised he wasn’t promoted to a senior Government position , Kelly Tollhurst did it, Tracey Couch did it, I am also surprised that none of the Gillingham and Rainham councillors have stood up and said what a jolly good fellow he is ? Clearly the most talented campaigner the Conservatives have, he saves them a lot of effort by leafletting whilst running marathons !

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