iFAQ: Introducing our new councillors

As our new councillors in Medway get settled into their roles, we decided to ask them all a couple of basic questions about their motivations for wanting to be a councillor and the priorities for their ward.

As usual, we told all of them that we would publish their responses unedited. You can find them below in the order they were received.

1. What issues do you believe Medway Council should be focused on over the next four years?

I stood to be a Medway Labour councillor because i truly believe that the strongest communities are anchored in a spirit of collaboration. When people come together anything is possible. I stood in Luton and Wayfield Chatham to represent the many not the few. I have the skills and experience to offer I have being in the teaching professional for over 3 decades.
Cllr Joanne Howcroft-Scott, Labour, Luton and Wayfield

Cllr Ron Sands

After being and remaining a Parish Council for me it’s the next step to becoming a channel for the views of the people of the Peninsula.
Cllr Ron Sands, Independent, Peninsula

I was an active member of the Labour Party for a good number years before I felt I was ready to take up my calling of wanting to be a public servant – to serve the community I lived in – and to do that by seeking election as councillor.  I have been a member of the Labour Party for forty-five years and a member of the Coop (Party) for twenty-nine years.  I was first elected as a Strood councillor in May 1991 – a member for Frindsbury Ward on the City of Rochester upon Medway City Council.
Cllr Stephen Hubbard, Labour, Strood North

Cllr Hazel Browne

I have always been involved in public service and community affairs. I have campaigned successfully on several local issues including community safety. When the two Labour Councillors who represented Twydall announced that they were standing down I was asked to consider becoming a candidate. I went through the selection process and the voters of Twydall have given me the honour of being one of their three Labour Councillors.
Cllr Hazel Browne, Labour, Twydall

My interest in wanting to become a Councillor for Watling Ward stems from seeing what a difference my brother, Councillor Andy Stamp, has made over the years.  I have seen the time and effort that Andy always puts in as a Councillor.  This has given me an understanding that being a Councillor presents many challenges but at the same time can be very rewarding.  For the past 9 years I have worked within the community which has enhanced my desire to help people at every opportunity in various different ways. I feel genuinely honoured to have been elected to represent the ward in which I have lived and raised my family for the past 12 years.
Cllr Chrissy Stamp, Labour, Watling

2. What led to you wanting to become a local councillor?2. What are the priority issues for you in your ward to focus on over the coming four years?

Cllr Joanne Howcroft-Scott

My community struggles under the current council leadership and feel they are being ignored and their local issues of poor housing,high crime and anti social behaviour, fly tipping pot holes no one cares about. I would like to connect various segments of our community to deliver shared objectives and work together towards finding innovative yet attainable solutions. We have already started working hard with residents in Russell House, Henry Street and Newnham Street in collaboration with the team from MHS housing, Luton arches and local residents at the PACT meetings. Having had the opportunity to live in Medway since the 1990’s teach here and have my family here.I  have a wide perspective and understanding of our community. I also have strong working relationships already with many of my constituents and recognise we are all working hard to make our Medway the best place to live. Relationships are key and the Labour group have a wealth of experience. I am particularly impressed with our local labour leader Cllr Vince Maple who is an inspiration, Cllr Dan McDonald for fighting for local taxi drivers, Cllr Tristan Osborne ( lucky to be elected in Luton and Wayfield with his wealth of experience),our spokesperson on policing and communities, and the whole council who intend to deliver Labours climate change motion.However I am troubled and concern this council has not had a community plan since 2005. Our whole community are suffering housing and developments are going on up and some on green belt sites which will be lost forever with no regard to infrastructure including health, schools and roads plus social housing which I feel Lets all of  Medway down. I hope to help facilitate change I am using my education experience on the committees I sit on to invest in our children’s futures and make Medway a place to be proud of and the best it can be. Utilising my skills of active listening and life long experience to bring an all-embracing community perspective. I am a hard worker, I am passionate and take action to get things done. I am disabled with mobility issues and Neuro diversity, I hope to further raise the profile of equality for all.
Cllr Joanne Howcroft-Scott, Labour, Luton and Wayfield

Medway Council insistence that Hoo becomes a “rural town” without asking those that live there. And the wholesale planning applications many of which are unsustainable that will change our unique Peninsula for ever.
Cllr Ron Sands, Independent, Peninsula

Cllr Stephen Hubbard

My priority areas have and will remain to represent all the residents living in / adjacent & business located in / adjacent to my ward.  My guiding light to issues is the health & wellbeing of residents, the health & wellbeing of business employees and the business health of employers.
For example please find attached my Members item “Strood Development Works” for the next Regeneration, Culture & Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee, 13 June 2019.
My short hand for the these current set of issues is; the council’s Dash for Cash (Strood Waterfront) and its Dash to spend the Cash (Strood Town Centre highway/car park reconfigurations) – both at the ignored Cost of the Health & Wellbeing of local residents & traders.
Cllr Stephen Hubbard, Labour, Strood North

My priority is to ensure that Twydall gets fair treatment from the ruling Conservative Administration and is not sidelined if there are investment opportunities.
Cllr Hazel Browne, Labour, Twydall

Cllr Chrissy Stamp

My initial priority issue must be to become fully conversant with all areas of council procedures and its people so that I can best help my constituents, deal with their concerns and provide the assistance they seek. The training has begun in earnest and I am really enjoying getting involved.
Concerns for me within the ward include speeding.  Many residents have commented on this to me whilst I have been out door knocking. Living in the ward myself I understand their concerns.  I am also concerned about the number of trees that have been cut down and not replaced.  This is something that I want to look into as I am concerned about the pollution in Medway.
I will soon be setting up a monthly surgery and street stall where residents can come along to meet me and discuss concerns, matters or issues that they may have. 
I am keen to represent all of the residents of Watling Ward, regardless of any political persuasion they may have.  I am also keen to work with Councillor Wendy Purdy, wherever possible, for the good of Watling Ward.
Cllr Chrissy Stamp, Labour, Watling

We received no response to these questions from Cllr Sijuwade Adeoye (Lab), Cllr Nusrat Ahmed (Con), Cllr Roger Barrett (Con), Cllr Chris Buckwell (Con), Cllr Kirstine Carr (Con), Cllr Simon Curry (Lab), Cllr Gary Hackwell (Con), Cllr John Lloyd (Lab), Cllr Harinder Mahil (Lab), Cllr Mark Prenter (Lab)Cllr Piers Thompson (Con), Cllr Richard Thorne (Con), and Cllr Elizabeth Turpin (Con).

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