Goodbye from us, Hello to Local Authority

Hello. Just a quick post to say we – quite obviously – aren’t doing much as The Political Medway anymore, but there’s also something new and exciting to share.

Unfortunately we’re no longer in a position to carry on this project in the way we started. Anyone following us in the past year or two will have noticed that we are no longer putting out the kind of content we were able to in the past. Part of this is time (we both have day jobs) and part is that we’ve never found a way to make this sustainable. Also we’re very tired.

This entire project has been held together by us giving hours of our time for free to keep it running, and the things that need paying for have been just about covered by the generous souls that have donated over the year. To those people we are eternally grateful. Neither of us are in a position to put the kind of time needed to keep this thing running anymore. We really wish we were, but we just aren’t. As such, we have wound up most elements of The Political Medway.

The main website will be mothballed, other social channels wound up, with just the Twitter account being retained. Most of our engagement comes via Twitter these days, and it’s the easiest for us to keep going, so we’ll still be tweeting any relevant Medway politics news there.

So what are we up to now?

Steve is spending time working with Second Chance Medway, a charity supporting people in Medway with housing and food insecurity. He’s also training to be a host for a FoodCycle project in Sittingbourne. He’s also a trustee for a new SEND college teaching catering to 18-25 year old special needs students. All very worthy, I’m sure you’ll agree.

As for me, I can’t let this kind of thing go, so I’ve launched Local Authority, a new newsletter for Medway covering local politics, news, culture, and more.

It’s free to sign up and you’ll get all of the latest Medway news delivered to your inbox every Friday. There is an option to join as a paid supporter, where you’ll get an extra newsletter every Tuesday and the good feeling that comes from supporting independent local news.

If you enjoyed what we did with The Political Medway, I think you’ll probably like this too, so it would be great to have you on board. You can read it and sign up here:

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