Fairytale Of Medway

It was Christmas Eve online
In the Political Medway
An old man said to us, “it should be obvious to anyone”
And then he Facebooked a comment
A rare moderated view
We turned our screens away
And day dreamed about the news

Got on a Twitter thread
Piled on eighteen to one
We’ve got a feeling
This year’s for fake news.

So Happy Christmas
We love you Medway
We can see a better time
When all our hashtags come true

They’ve got plans for rooftop bars
They’ve got riverside developments of gold
But the news goes right through you
Despite skewing young, Medway is a place for the old

When you first read our blog
On a cold election eve
You never promised us internet fame
was waiting for we.

Keevil’s sarcastic
Jennings’ witty
Medway is not a City
When the Castle Concerts finished playing
They paid out for more
Jools Holland was swinging
All the drunks they were singing
We live tweeted the council 
Then blogged through the night

The boys of the Medway Cabinet
Were singing come what may
We will discover what “Brexit means Brexit” means
on Brexit day

You’re a liberal
You’re a snowflake
You’re bearded, woke and eating cake
A political bore on a news drip depressed on the floor
Called odious or adored
Emailed “you’re an ‘overtly political blog” or ignored
Happy Christmas your arse
We don’t pray at full council when asked

The more diverse Labour opposition group
Still being ‘anti-Medway’
And the bells are ringing out
For another election day

We have been impartial
Well so could anyone
You took our blogs from us
When you first subscribed here
We archived all of them
Put your comments with our own
Can’t make it all alone
We built this project around you

The boys of the Medway Politics
Accepting guest posts every day
And the Ko-Fi link is here
Buy coffee for the Political Medway

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