EU referendum results in Medway by ward

After the results of the EU referendum last year, two things were immediately clear: The UK had voted to leave the EU, and Medway had done so by a considerably larger margin than the 52-48 result nationally. In Medway, the figure was 64-36, but we lacked any more precise detail than that. How did each area vote? Could patterns be found across Medway, or was it broadly the same across the board?

Following an investigation by the BBC, we now have far more local data than before, with results from all 22 wards across Medway. But what does it show us?

First off, leave won in all 22 Medway wards, though there is considerable variation in this, from a dominating 72-28 victory in Peninsula down to a modest 54-46 win in Rochester West.

The results show the areas of Medway with the highest income and the highest levels of education had a higher remain vote, which is in line with the national trends.

Less clear are any political patterns, other than the two wards that have elected UKIP councillors having the highest leave votes. Beyond those, the remaining mix of Conservative and Labour wards are fairly mixed across the board.

The full table of how each Medway ward voted is below:

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  1. Hello, do you have a referendum result analysis for Tunbridge Wells, Kent? Please would you send this to me at the email address below. I was part of the Britain Stronger In team last year and we won in Tunbridge Wells by 55%. I am now running for Kent County Council and would like to know which wards were pro-remain and if possible a breakdown by road in the wards of St. John’s, Southborough North and Southborough and High Brooms.

    Thank you
    Marguerita Morton
    07715 695169

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