Can I still vote if I live overseas?

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British citizens living abroad can vote in UK Parliamentary and European Parliamentary elections but cannot vote in Medway’s local elections.

British citizens living abroad for more than 15 years are not eligible to register to vote in UK elections.


For further information, you should contact

Electoral Registration Office

Gun Wharf

Dock Road

Chatham Kent


Or Email:


How can I vote?

You can choose your method of voting depending on your personal circumstances.

Voting by post

If you live abroad you can apply to vote by post, although you must be registered individually.

Download the form to apply for a postal vote (PDF)

You need to make sure you have time to receive and return your ballot papers by polling day. If you don’t think you can return them in time, you may want to consider voting by proxy.


Voting by proxy

If you’re abroad you can apply to vote by proxy (someone voting on your behalf). You must be (or applying to be) registered individually, and the person you wish to appoint as your proxy must also be (or applying to be) registered individually.

Download the form to apply for a proxy vote (PDF)


Voting in person

If you happen to be in the UK on election day, you can always vote in person at a polling station.

However, if you have appointed a proxy you can only do this if your proxy has not already voted on your behalf. If you have a postal vote, you cannot be issued with a ballot paper in the polling station but you could hand in your completed postal ballot at the polling station.


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