General Election 2010 Spending

2010 Spending Limit

spending limits
Chatham and Aylesford

Long Campaign: £29,752.44
Short Campaign: £11,902.44


Gillingham and Rainham

Long Campaign: £28,536.70
Short Campaign: £10,686.70


Rochester and Strood

Long Campaign: £30,163.06
Short Campaign: £12,313.06


2010 Spending % by Party

(where party stood in all three constituencies)



English Democrats


Green Party
Green Spend


Liberal DemocratsLibDemSpend

2010 Spending Actual By Constituency

Chatham and Aylesford

Forename Surname Party Name Long Total Spend Short Total Spend
Tracey Elizabeth Anne Crouch Conservative and Unionist Party £10,777.19 £9,076.98
Jonathan Rowland Shaw Labour Party £15,819.62 £10,076.25
John Henry Conyngham McClintock Liberal Democrats £0.00 £2,260.18
Sean Michael Varnham English Democrats Party £1,208.25 £0.00
David Arthur Green Party £0.00 £0.00
Maureen Smith “Christian Party “”Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”” £0.00 £0.00

Gillingham And Rainham 

Forename Surname Party Name Long Total Spend Short Total Spend
Rehman Chishti Conservative and Unionist Party £14,979.54 £7,329.52
Paul Gordon Clark Labour Party £13,324.39 £9,380.45
Andrew Stamp Liberal Democrats £2,772.70 £5,847.77
Robert Oakley UK Independence Party (UK I P) £0.00 £0.00
Brian Christian Ravenscroft British National Party £0.00 £400.00
Dean Robert Lacey English Democrats Party £500.00 £0.00
Patricia Anne Marchant Green Party £0.00 £0.00
Gordon Craig Bryan Independent £0.00 £603.13
George Meegan Medway Independent Party £627.69 £0.00

Rochester and Strood 

Forename Surname Party Name Long Total Spend Short Total Spend
Mark John Reckless Conservative and Unionist Party £4,480.94 £9,710.11
Teresa Murray Labour Party £2,265.97 £6,231.15
Geoffrey Juby Liberal Democrats £665.43 £1,566.40
Ronald Sands English Democrats Party £500.00 £0.00
Simon Philip Marchant Green Party £0.00 £153.16

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