Why is equality better for everyone?

Abridged from http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/

The Equality Trust works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic inequality


Physical Health

In Brief

People in more equal societies live longer, a smaller proportion of children die in infancy and self-rated health is better.

Mental Health

In Brief

People in more equal societies are far less likely to experience mental illness.

Drug Abuse

In Brief

People in more equal societies are less likely to use illegal drugs.


In Brief

Obesity is less common in more equal societies.


Children and social mobility

Child Well-being

In Brief

Unicef measures of child well-being are better in more equal societies.


In Brief

Children do better at school in more equal societies.

Teenage Births

In Brief

Teenage motherhood is less common in more equal societies.

Social Mobility

In Brief

There is more social mobility in more equal societies.

Sustainability and development

Global Warming

In Brief

Inequality fuels status competition, individualism and consumerism. It makes it harder to gain public support for policies to reduce global warming.

Foreign aid and global peace index

In Brief

More equal societies spend a higher proportion their income on overseas aid and perform better on the Global Peace Index.



In Brief

Unequal societies are harsher, they imprison a higher proportion of people.


In Brief

Homicide rates are lower and children experience less violence in more equal societies.

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