Cllr Mackness’ alleged conflict of interest referred to police

The previous allegations about Councillor Andrew Mackness and a possible conflict of interest between his paid employment and his Medway Council Cabinet role have escalated, with the matter being referred to the police.

In a closed meeting on Wednesday, we’re hearing that the group of councillors tasked with looking at the claims, the Councillor Conduct Committee, unanimously agreed to refer the matter.

The Councillor Conduct Committee is made up primarily of his Tory colleagues, and following an internal investigation by Medway Council, they elected to refer the matter to the police for further investigation.

It remains curious why Alan Jarrett, the Leader of Medway Council, promoted Mackness to the Children’s Services portfolio, even after the original allegations came to light.

We reached out to the Medway Conservative group for comment on this story, and received this response to the situation from Cllr Mackness:

“It is imperative for elected Members to be transparent in their work, as I  am at all times, which is why I declared my interest at Hook Meadow in the first instance, along with my other declarations. The declaration in relation to Hook Meadow was incorrect and was not a pecuniary interest at all  and should not have been listed. I have no financial interest in this site at all and it has been removed. This is pure administrative error on my part.

Whilst I of all people am keen for this to be resolved, there is a process that must be followed, I have co-operated completely with Medway Council’s legal department, and should the Police be in contact, I will be pleased to assist them in any way that I can to conclude this matter.

When this matter is concluded  I will be asking for a review of the whole process, having been unable to comment or be interviewed at any stage by the Councillor conduct committee, which is a ridiculous situation.

The matter raised by the Labour group is a clear attempt to damage my reputation and nothing else.”

3 Replies to “Cllr Mackness’ alleged conflict of interest referred to police”

  1. This means that an individual who is a councillor, cabinet member and THE CHAIRMAN OF KENT CONSERVATIVES is being investigated by the police for ‘conflict between his employment’ as a ‘consultant’ and his role on Medway Council? Disgusting!

  2. Hm.. Ann Domeney, Director of Children Services owns company AD.Children Services. When critisised for her handling case of my son whom she keeps in “care” against his wish she took more radical approach and reported me to police for harassment! so now I face committals to prison! Welcome to Stalin Medway Children Services!

  3. Eugene and his paid distraction news supporters ….. give it up …..both Medway Council and Eugene Lukjanenko owe the 15 year-old Thai child in the care of Medway Council compensation ….. no more political games … up ……. the John Hemming – Paul Carter – Nigel Peck – Operation Ore motives are known

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