Safeguarding Rehman about town

It’s election time and it’s not unlikely another one is possible next year as well! As elections ever more become social media battles, PPCs promote themselves to anybody who has a pulse and is willing to fake a smile. With that in mind, it’s worth looking at guidance regarding safeguarding and the sharing of images of children online.

This isn’t about if you should share pictures of children online, but if you are interested in that, The Independent covered it here.

The following piece was inspired by a social media post by Rehman Chishti MP. The editing, as will become clear, is by us.

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Councillor Conduct

In which following the case of Cllr Franklin and the excellent work of Alan Collins, we look to see how a candidate – chosen at random – might be affected by Medway Council’s social media policy should they get elected.

We will take a look at some key social media terms and see if a ‘reasonable’ person would consider them abusive. This might be difficult, if the candidate is being unreasonable, or unwilling to view their behaviour as anything other than reasonable. And would be more likely to see this blog as an attack, rather than an opportunity to learn..

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Dry Medway

To be clear this isn’t intended as a nanny state piece by a teetotal snowflake trying to deliberately upset the right wing borderline alcoholics with personality disorder.

In the spirit of ‘Dry January‘ it’s an opportunity to look at Medway’s relationship with alcohol. Besides many advertiser paid newspaper studies are saying a dry month is not a good idea but rather a general cut back is better.

After all ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ and ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.’

New weekly guidelines for people who drink regularly:
– Any level of drinking raised the risk of a range of illnesses.
– Women and men are advised to drink no more than 14 units per week.
-spread over 3 days or more.
– A good way is to have several alcohol free days, drink with food and alternate with water.

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Fairytale Of Medway

It was Christmas Eve online
In the Political Medway
An old man said to us, “it should be obvious to anyone”
And then he Facebooked a comment
A rare moderated view
We turned our screens away
And day dreamed about the news

Got on a Twitter thread
Piled on eighteen to one
We’ve got a feeling
This year’s for fake news.

So Happy Christmas
We love you Medway
We can see a better time
When all our hashtags come true

They’ve got plans for rooftop bars
They’ve got riverside developments of gold
But the news goes right through you
Despite skewing young, Medway is a place for the old

When you first read our blog
On a cold election eve
You never promised us internet fame
was waiting for we.

Keevil’s sarcastic
Jennings’ witty
Medway is not a City
When the Castle Concerts finished playing
They paid out for more
Jools Holland was swinging
All the drunks they were singing
We live tweeted the council 
Then blogged through the night

The boys of the Medway Cabinet
Were singing come what may
We will discover what “Brexit means Brexit” means
on Brexit day

You’re a liberal
You’re a snowflake
You’re bearded, woke and eating cake
A political bore on a news drip depressed on the floor
Called odious or adored
Emailed “you’re an ‘overtly political blog” or ignored
Happy Christmas your arse
We don’t pray at full council when asked

The more diverse Labour opposition group
Still being ‘anti-Medway’
And the bells are ringing out
For another election day

We have been impartial
Well so could anyone
You took our blogs from us
When you first subscribed here
We archived all of them
Put your comments with our own
Can’t make it all alone
We built this project around you

The boys of the Medway Politics
Accepting guest posts every day
And the Ko-Fi link is here
Buy coffee for the Political Medway

Anarchy in the Medway

In which Keevil starts off with a funny title for a blog and then goes on an unexpected personal journey. In doing so, he meets the expectations of many right-wing readers of the blog by wondering what anarchism actually is rather than the pejorative and then goes looking for it online and in Medway!

A Brief Political Revision of Keevil

As mentioned before in the day’s of ‘The Centre and What’s Left’ Keevil has, in his electoral lifetime voted Labour, Lib Dem and Green. He even stood for the Green Party in Medway Council by-elections! But he never felt like he found his tribe.

At the top is the political compass, it shows where you stand on a four point axis, rather than a simple left/right. Keevil and Jennings have disagreed in the past about its validity. Above is the results of Keevil’s Votes for Policies test which show where you come out if you vote for policy rather than party. But it’s still based on party policy.

Keevil retook the political compass test below, going even further to the bottom left then ever before, to the surprise of few and the disgust of many.

What is an anarchist and is Keevil one?

A Brief Cultural History of Anarchy

For some, depending on your age, or your cultural reference points then your understanding or thoughts of anarchy are either:

“I’m a natural-born anarchist,” Lydon, Johnny Rotten to his fans, said to NPR. “I’ve never in my life supported any government anywhere, and I never will.”
Lydon says “‘Anarchy in the UK’ is to be sung with love.”

Or for fans of movie comics adaptations:

But whilst arguably fun and exciting or dangerous and criminal, do they truly represent anarchy?

Definitions; Words to empower the disempowered

– a social situation free of Government and coercive hierarchies.

– identify themselves with a social movement or philosophy of anarchism.

Simply put anarchy works

Simple Politics explains it thusly:

If anarchy isn’t about chaos, then what is it?

According to the Writer George F:

”The aims of anarchy; to exist without domination, is easily understood in terms of violent destruction of the current order, rather than a creative reconstruction of it.
Therefore the worst fears of people manifest when they hear anarchy in terms of the destruction of the status quo.”

Alan Moore, creator of many incredible comics including the original ‘V for Vendetta’, explains anarchy thus:

Anarchy would never work

Anarchism is a social movement against capitalism. It aims for a world free from all forms of domination and exploitation.
Cynics claim that people do not know what is best for them, that they need Government to protect them and the Markets to decide for them.
Anarchists counter that decision-making should not be centralised but instead power should be free to meet their needs in common with others.
That we can live in a society free of masters, and no criminals, no rich or poor. Free of sexism, racism, misogyny, and transphobia.
The only thing stopping us are prisons, programming and the paychecks of the powerful.

As well as our own lack of faith in ourselves.

There is no central committee giving out membership cards and no standard doctrine.
Anarchy means different things to different people.

Basic principles of anarchism

Autonomy & Horizontality
Anarchism opposes all coercive hierarchies, including capitalism, white nationalism and the patriarchy.

Mutual Aid
People should give voluntarily. Generousity forms a stronger social bond than fear.
This is neither charity or an exchange, since neither holds power. They increase collective opportunities

Voluntary Association
People free to co-operate and free to refuse anything not in their interest.
Freedom of movement, both physically and socially.
Anarchists oppose borders of all kinds and involuntary categorisations by citizenship, gender or race.

Direct Action
More empowering and effective to accomplish goals then to rely on authorities or representatives.
Free people do not request changes, they want to see in the world; they make those changes.

Entrenched systems of repression cannot be reformed away.
Those who hold power in hierarchical systems utilise reforms in ways that preserve or even amplify power.
Anarchist revolution means fighting to overthrow elites in order to create a free society.

‘The liberation of the workers is the duty of the workers themselves.‘
People must be at the forefront of their own liberation.
Freedom cannot be given, it must be taken.

A Brief History of the Culture of Anarchism

The historical examples of anarchy do not have to be explicitly anarchist. Most societies free of government have not called themselves ‘anarchist.’
That term originated in the 19th Century. Many examples were ultimately crushed by the state. It is in large part due to this systematic repression of alternatives that there have not been more examples of anarchy working.

Many anarchist projects work quite well, but only make an impact in the lives of a tiny number of people.

In a number of examples anarchists are betrayed by supposed allies who sabotage liberation.

Autonomous communities and revolutionary activities have been stopped by repression. With people intimidated, arrested, tortured and killed.

Some radical projects participate in the present system to overcome isolation, be accessible and avoid repression.

Temporary Gain
Many examples no longer exist.
Anarchists are not trying to create permanent institutions.
Specific organisations should come to an end when they are no longer helpful.

An anarchist society is it’s own reward

In Gloucestershire, the Whiteway Colony was founded in 1898.  Setup by Tolstoyans private property was rejected and personal property shared. There were 120 colonists and over sixty homes.
Mohandas Gandhi called it a failed experience that as today the homes are privately owned and sold at market value. Sometimes the best thing a community or organisation can do for it’s participants is permit them to move on.

In an anarchist society, we would have to invent entirely new solutions for wholly unpredictable problems. To be free, we need to regain control over every aspect of our lives:
– Culture
– Entertainment
– Relationships
– Housing
– Education
– Healthcare
– Protection
– Food Production
An anarchist doesn’t need permission, anarchy thrives in the struggle against domination.

Anti-authoritarians expressly want to live in a society without coercive hierarchies, but do not, identify as anarchists.
Anarchism as a self-conscious social movement is not nearly as universal as the desire for freedom. It is presumptuous to label people anarchist if they have not chosen it.

As a clear anarcho-feminist-communist Keevil is a danger to society and his access to this blog and the Twitter account will shortly be revoked.


Does he have a tribe?

Are there anarchists in Medway?

So the response on the above forum from 2011 it wasn’t looking likely but it did suggest check out the ‘AF’.

So did the AF have members in Medway?

Oh. Nevermind.

hidden stories

There are hidden stories all around us,
growing in abandoned villages in the mountains or vacant lots in the city,
petrifying beneath our feet in the remains of societies like nothing we’ve known,
whispering to us that things could be different.

But the politician you know is lying to you,
the manager who hires and fires you,
the landlord who evicts you,
the president of the bank that owns your house,
the professor who grades your papers,
the cop who rolls your street,
the reporter who informs you,
the doctor who medicates you,
the husband who beats you,
the mother who spanks you,
the soldier who kills for you,
and the social worker who fits your past and future into a folder in a filing cabinet all ask

It would be anarchy.”

And the daughter who runs away from home,
the bus driver on the picket line,
the veteran who threw back his medal but holds on to his rifle,
the boy saved from suicide by the love of his friends,
the maid who must bow to those who can’t even cook for themselves,
the immigrant hiking across a desert to find her family on the other side,
the kid on his way to prison because he burned down a shopping mall they were building over his childhood dreams,
the neighbor who cleans up syringes from the vacant lot,
hoping someone will turn it into a garden,
the hitchhiker on the open road,
the college dropout who gave up on career and health insurance and sometimes even food so he could write revolutionary poetry for the world,
maybe all of us can feel it:

our bosses and tormentors are afraid of what they would do without us,
and their threat is a promise–

the best parts of our lives are anarchy already.

Peter Gelderloos

A Comprehensive Internet Guide to ‘Medway Brexit’

Medway Council’s ruling Conservative Cabinet have rejected calls to investigate the effect of Brexit on The Medway Towns.
So Keevil set out to find answers, bestowed with the knowledge that everything is available online, including knowledge. Keevil went armed with a search engine and the words ‘Medway Brexit’.
We present to you almost everything we found in all it’s visual (and helpful?) glory.

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