An exercise in pointlessness


The final full council meeting before the elections took place on Thursday night. It was about as worthwhile as any gathering of people two weeks before they might find themselves unemployed.

Jennings went along and live tweeted it, and you can catch all of the “highlights”, helpfully collected on Storify here.

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  1. I could not believe my ears when Rehman Chishti stood up to speak about one of the pre-requisites of becoming a politician, whether at local or national level, was that of having ‘integrity’! For a man who was delivering Labour leaflets on a Friday evening and who on the very next day became a Conservative so as to further his own political career speaks volumes for his sheer ‘hypocrisy’. The man clearly has no shame.

    And my oh my, wasn’t there some back-stabbing and ill-feeling among the Conservatives. Who needs enemies when within the camp they have ‘friends’ like them?

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