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The Medway Commercial Group (MCG) has been in the news recently, whether it be over issues regarding CCTV or potential controversy regarding the building of a new Independent SEN School.
Who or what is MCG?
Keevil set to impartially find out, using an alternate delivery model of as many screen shots as possible to save on typing.

Ask Google

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In Their Own Words

Don’t click the link.
MCC sounded busy.
Early ambitions included a large number of social alarms & 25 car park cameras

Doing More for Less in the Age of Austerity

DCMS: All our great unread stories start there.
MCG was set up in 2016. Gov.Uk didnt explain what an ADM was until 2017! Medway Council = Pioneers.
Conservative Government = Public Ownership
No need to involve Private Markets
Use of Surpluses… this might come up again.
“The council may be in a position to ‘claw back’ surpluses.”
“Results in ‘more of the same’ being delivered. says what?

Portfolio Holder: Andrew “I don’t respond to overtly political blogs” Mackness
“Value for money, income generation and efficiencies”
“Retrieve elements of this budget back”
Become a BCorp
CCTV: Property of Medway Council
MCG are CUSTODIANS (Emphasis theirs)
“Savings, pre-tax profit and RE-INVESTMENT in CCTV (Emphasis ours)

Company House

Next Accounts due by 31st December 2018
Next Confirmation Statement due by 3rd Jan
Somebody is having a busy Christmas.
Click link to view in full
Keevil’s only question, Gun Wharf is where?
Appointment of Andrew “I don’t respond to overtly political blogs” Mackness
Registered in Ashford for Tax purposes

We interrupt this blog for a historical update from Medway Council

At this point MCG is “thriving”
“MCG… forecasting… making the the total cost subsidy reduction £75,000”
“Income target of £57,900 which will be exceeded”
From a rebate. So if I pay somebody to do a job, and they do it under budget and give me some money back. Do i have to declare that as income?
This image isn’t duplicated later, they update the date.

We return to a Brief History of Filings

View the PDF in full
Profit making for the Council


Vikram Sahdev
Andrew McGrath
Martin Garlick
Andrew “I don’t respond to overtly political blogs” Mackness
Ian Price
Carrie-Ann McKenzie
Morounfolu Olatuja 
So does the correspondence go to Gun Wharf or Cliffe Woods?

We interrupt this Blog with a Historical Update from Medway Council

MCG is ‘thriving”
It’s good to see MCG spending Council subsidy to give the Council rental income.
Good to know there is one lest empty space at the Innovation Centre.
‘A surplus of circa £254,000 for the financial year
An ‘income target’
So if I budget to spend £1k on Christmas, and I only spend £750 is that a budget surplus of £250?
5.1 has deff changed.

In the Words of Medway Conservatives

Why can’t the Anti-Medway Labour get behind the thriving innovative MCG like this?

We Interrupt this Blog for an almost upto date report from Medway Council

Click the link: If for some reason you want to read this in full. 
“MCG has provided MC with Circa 7/12ths of £254K annualised savings” Wha?
The profit making arm will provide income of £254k
So if I put money in the bank for groceries and …
Let me put it another way if the U.K Budget can be wrongly compared to Household budgeting. Why can’t we do the same here? 
You don’t need to check, I think this is amended from last time.
The Anti-Medway Labour group caused outrage when they wanted Oversight and Scrutiny of the thriving MCG.
Hopefully Cllr Maple will be reassured when he reads this blog and sees that funding will not need to be secured; because MCG would only rebate it anyway.
Why isn’t the Portfolio Holder, the Portfolio Holder for Business Management: Cllr Turpin?
Aburound House Woodlands Road Gillingham
“This non-operational site as edged black on the attached (area approximately 0.24 ha) is let to a charity on a ground lease at a rent of £1,750pa until September 2018.
It is proposed, that delegated authority is granted declare it surplus and dispose of it.”
‘will again meet the budgeted income contribution to the Council assisted but the business opportunities associated with Aburound House.”
We are telling you this changes in each report.

It is the role of this humble impartial overtly political to note the achievements, current business operations and performance of MCG as detailed in the report.
It is your role dear reader, if somehow you made it this far, to leave a comment and let us know what you think of MCG. Do you agree with Google reviewer P that they are good to work for?
Do you agree with Google reviewer S that you can’t believe you pay for this?

4 Replies to “Alternate Delivery”

  1. So MCG registered office is Henwood House, Ashford. MCG director Cllr Mackness has a registered interest company AM Development Consultants Ltd registered at the same address. Only when MCG and its web of chicanery with the council and Mackness is wound up could it be said that this company would be heading in the right direction.

  2. I think you will find that school governor services no longer exists within MCG.
    Medway council now refers maintained school’s Governors to KCC for training. £££s saved

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