Keevil first properly got involved in local politics during the 2010 General Election, he had in previous elections, since 1997, voted Labour and was considering voting Lib Dem, he agreed with Nick.

Online Keevil took part in the ‘Vote for Policies’ website and discovered he actually overwhelming agreed with Green policies.


Keevil joined the Medway Green Party, represented them on BBC South East

Following the leaders debates.

He looked much better to be honest, when he appeared after the General election, and that had been on no sleep and drinking champagne, when he discussed the outcome of the election with recently elected MP Tracey Crouch, whilst he was eating a Bacon Roll. An event I’m sure The MP for Chatham and Aylesford still remembers.


Soon after Keevil was standing as a member of the Green Party in a ward by-election, standing twice in fact for reasons never truly explained. Obviously he didn’t win, but he did gain more votes then the BNP, a first for Kent Greens, and they did not stand in the ward again.

Following the second by-election which Labour won, the new Labour councillor said; “I have spoken with my conservative college in the ward, and we agree on a great many things”

Keevil wondered what the point of the election had been.


Keevil is no longer a member of the Green Party, and in preparation for this blog he retook the 2010 Votes for Polices test. Whilst the results were still predominantly Green, there was also clear support for Lib Dems unfulfilled polices


On the ‘insidewith’ test, Keevil matched overwhelmingly with Green positions, but also high with Labour


On the political compass! Keevil came very left and very libertarian. The middle class anarchist.


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